Founded by entrepreneurs with a sound experience in the beauty industry , ELECOS TECHNOLOGY has rapidly
      expanded its business as contract manufacturers for cosmetic companies – with strong commitment to quality
      and customer satisfaction.
      Make-up, skincare and haircare products are the three main production lines, with one common goal : raising the
      overall level of any treatment, so that taking care of one's beauty can meet efficacy and safety.

      At ELECOS, we believe that beauty is a universal value, though declined in innumerous forms.
      And that cosmetics can be important for all individuals to access well-being and enhance their self-confidence.
      Taking care of one's beauty needs an endless effort , because, as someone said “beauty is an endless quest”.

      Providing all customers , women and men, with cosmetics designed to be innovative, effective and safe.
      Focusing on technological progress , with a flexible, pro-active attitude.